Rosin Press Controller 4.5" Heaters 110v (9360)

The Dual Output PID Controller is an all in one solution for your Rosin Press. Heaters and Thermocouplers come in one package. This unit comes with four heating rods and two thermocouplers. Now available on the New Vape Store. 

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Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum 
Heater: 4 Rods @ 4.5" Length ( 115mm )   Dia .380" (9.6mm)
Thermocoupler uses a M6x1 Thread
Voltage: 110 Voltage
Power: 1200 Watts
Item Length: 8.2 inch
Item Width: 5.9 inch
Item Height: 3.2 inch 
Net Weight: 3.4 lbs
Cartridge heaters are 300Watts ea
Large Housing Allows for Better Heat Dissipation and More Space For High-Quality Relay
Cable Tube Made of Heat Resistant Nylon Material
Sensor and Heating Rod Separated to Obtain Accurate Temp
High-Quality Relay to Protect PID Temp Controller
Dual Digital Temp Controllers
Intelligent Circuit Protection System
Non Waterproof 
Do Not Heat in The Air, Only When Inserted into Plates
Keep It out of Reach of Children
Controller Setting:
Press  "SET" button to activate temperature controller
Press ◄ button to increase and decrease the value at hundreds, tens and ones places
Press ▼ or ▲ from 0-9 for your desired temp
Press  "SET" button to lock the desired temperature in place

Extracting concentrates require a careful balance of pressure and heat. Some processes require different amounts of pressure and heat. Each Strain requires a bit of process adjustment. We suggest beginning at temp 200F and pressing for 45 sec with a 2"x3" small bag.   

Times, Temps, and Mesh Sizes


Mesh Size






15-60 Seconds

Sift & Bubble



20-60 Seconds


The 2x3" bags can hold 1/4 oz of flower

The 3x6" bags hold 1 oz of flower

The prepress make filling the bags to max capacity much easier.  

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