Titanium FlowerPot Heater Coil Post (3127)

  • Perfect for Making DIY Stands
  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • Threading 1/4"-20
  • Installed Height: 1.75"

Titanium FlowerPot Heater Coil Post

This FlowerPot Heater Coil Post is sold seperately for any DIY setup you'd like to create.  Threading is 1/4"-20, machined from Grade 2 Titanium.  Includes insulator disc.

Notes on Brass Insert. 

The brass insert is extra and allows the post to be added to any wood surface. 

The instructions from the insert manufactrer say to pre-drill 3/8" hole. The 3/8 size hole will likely

require the propper installation tool  https://www.mcmaster.com/94110a140 

A wide flat head screwdriver can be used to install but it's recomended to over drill (13/32 Drill) the hole to make screwing in easier.

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