tri color silicone 14mm female oil rig

White & Blue Silicone Oil Rig with Quartz Banger (9193)

E-Banger for 20mm Coil & 18mm Joint

18mm Male E-Banger for 16mm Coil (9240)

Rasta Silicone Oil Rig with Quartz Banger (9194)

  • Tri Color Silicone Oil Rig
  • Extra Large and Super Rugged
  • Rig has a 18mm Female silicone Connection
  • Included is one replaceable Glass 18/14 downstem percolator which creates the rig's 14mm female joint
  • Included is one Male 14mm Quartz Banger with 4mm thick walls and bottom  
  • Height 13.5"
  • Base Dia 4.5"
  • The extra large base makes this a perfect choice for Enail, Flowerpot, Pax Adapter which are sold extra
  • Comes apart for easy cleanning. and Storage 
  • This sale is for one silocone rig, one downstem, and one quartz banger. Other parts are shown for demonstration purposes. 

Tri-Color Silicone Oil Rig with Banger

Enjoy the ice-cooled rips on-the-go with our Tri-Color Silicone Oil Rig with Quartz Banger.  The tube comes apart for travel, is virtually indestructable.  

The silicone taste will go away after 3-4 uses. 

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