FlowerPot FAQs

Get to Know the FlowerPot

FlowerPot Instructions:

1) Start by setting the enail controller to 600 deg F. Wait 2min after the numbers reaches 600 for the heat to fully soak into the centerpost. Always start with lower temps and work your way up until perfection for your draw rate is achieved.

2) Add your flower to the Body.  We recommend filling it just enough for one session. Overfilling can reduce airflow and lead to combustion.  

3) If also using concentrates for that ideal Twax experience, load your dabber and get it ready to go.

4) With both Body and dabber loaded, place FlowerPot top onto the Body, and begin to inhale as you apply the dabber to the dish.  Cover with ShowerCap or Lollicap to ensure full exraction of your concentrates. The ideal result is to not combust the flower but fully melt the dabs. This is easiliy achievable but may require some temp adjustment.  Once you've hit a sweet spot, try and gradually lower the temp each session to increase flavors. Try carb caping flower as well!

5) Replace the FlowerPot top to its stand for protection while not in use. 

6) Save your already vaped bud "AVB" to simmer in coconut oil for edibles

7) Head over to the Fuck Combustion Forum to exchange additional tips and techniques!

How to Setup the FlowerPot 


Assembly guide for FlowerPot ShowerHead


 How to setup the WrapAround FlowerPot

Here's some suggestions to help you get started. 


1) Select your glass rig. We recommend the 18mm female rig with a wide base for stability. Changing the glass rigs is part of the fun and apeal of the Flowerpot.  

2) Select the body that fits your rig (Male or Female 14mm or 18mm)

3) Select your enail and coil (16mm or 20mm) 20mm is recommended

4) Select your head from 3 different sytles of heads and 3 different dishes.

  a) Standard centerpost is our basic version and is available for both 16mm and 20mm coils. These centerposts work with all three of our 25mm dishes titaniumquartz and SIC

  b) Wrap-around centerpost allows increased heat transfer between bottom and sides of the dish. These centerposts work with all three of our 25mm dishes titaniumquartz and SIC.  A separate d-nail dish version is available. Both 16mm and 20mm coils are available. 

  c) Shower Head is our premium head that has been optimized for flower and is only available with a titanium dab surface and the 20mm coil.

5) Select your coil nut. This part is used to attach the coil to the head. The Shower head requires a larger thread than the centerposts which is why we have 2.

6) Select your Stand. A coil stand is required for the Flowerpot. The stand should provide a safe place for the head and coil to heat up to temp. The alummunin box stand is the most sturdy. The Kick stand or a soldering iron stand will also work. Keep the coil and head off rig and on the stand in between draws. This keeps your flowers from cooking when not drawing. This also prevents any thermal expansion damage happening to the glass rig. 

7) All dab rigs need a Carb Cap. The flowerpot utilizes the carb cap while vaping flower as well as concentrates. The lolli cap has been designed for the flowerpot and 25mm dishes. Other carbs caps will work.

8) Fine Grind your flower to increases the surface area of the material being vaped. This is an important step that many people gloss over when just starting out with vapeing flower.

9) Stop worring if you turned off the enail and Please invest in a SAFTEY TIMER for your enail.  A Old school rotary or A high tech wifi just get one or the other. Here's a diy video of how to build one from Home Depot Parts

10) The Coil Cover is not required for the Flowerpot use. It helps keep the heat inside. Reduces heat up time. Allows lower temps on the controller. Carefull it's not a heat shield as it will still get hot.

11) Coil Handle wrapped in hemp wick. It's not critical to the flowerpot use but allows easier handling of the hot coil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Flowerpot Twax Vaporizer?

A. The FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer is unlike any other - We engineered a system that 1) creates the most efficient, delicious flower vaporizer that has ever existed, and 2) combines flower vaporization with a concentrate nail which creates a flavor explosion that has to be inhaled to be believed! The Flowerpot uses a traditional 20mm enail coil and marries it with NewVape's expertly crafted titanium parts.

Q. How can the Flowerpot vaporize both flowers and concentrates at the same time?

A. The FlowerPot has an oven chamber section called the Body that contains your flowers. The Body sits on or in your 14 or 18mm male or female joint on your glass or other devices. The other section is the heater/enail portion. When you place the heater on top of the Body and draw, the holes that are drilled into the center of the heater will heat the air just enough to vaporize your flowers. If you choose to, you can place concentrates in the enail dish as you draw. This allows the concentrates as well as the flowers to vaporize simultaneously.

Q. What is the difference between the FlowerPot w/ Showerhead, vs Flowerpot w/ Wrap-Around?

A. We heard from our most passionate users and realized that while many prefer to use both flowers and concentrates, people do have a preference for one or the other, so we diversified the FlowerPot to create the ShowerHead version for flower lovers and the Wrap-Around version for concentrate fans. Both can vaporize flowers and oils perfectly, but the Showerhead is perfect for those that use flowers more often than oils due to it's higher number of air holes and a much higher airflow than the Wrap-Around Model. The ShowerHead utilizes a grade 2 titanium dish. The Wrap-Around model vaporizes flowers perfectly well, but it also has the added benefit of allowing for multiple dish materials; Titanium, Quartz and Silicon Carbide are available.

Q. What temperature(s) do the Flowerpots operate at?

A. The beauty of the FlowerPot system is its versatility. The NewVape Enail Controller is capable of an extremely wide range of temperatures, far exceeding what is required for the most delicious vaporization. We suggest starting out @ 600F, and adjust to suit your tastes. Everyone has a different draw rate and when you combine this with the different airflow rates of the particular glass you're using, its vital to have full control of your temperature setting. We've found that setting the Enail controller to ~600 creates airflow to the flowers that is just at or above the required vaporization temperature for flowers of 374F. The dish is @ roughly 450F which is great for low-temperature dabs!

Q. What’s the difference between Titanium, Quartz, and SiC?

A. There are many taste profiles and some report better flavor with the different dish materials, we recommend picking up extras so you make sure you're getting the most out of your experience!

Q. How much should I load into the FlowerPot body?

A. One of the unexpected results from our FlowerPot testing is that we were able to load ridiculously small amounts (.05g) and still get monster rips. The vaporizer industry has claimed that vapes reduce the amount you need to elevate. We're finally able to prove it for real.

Q. Where is the Flowerpot made?

A. The FlowerPot is made by NewVape in beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida. We make nearly everything we sell, and if we don't make it you can be damn sure we test the hell out of it before we'll offer it to you.

Q. Which Flowerpot is right for me?

A. If you're someone who prefers or can only access flowers, the ShowerHead version is for you. Many ShowerHead customers don't use concentrates at all, they just wanted the best possible vaporization experience so they use the FlowerPot with ShowerHead. If oils and concentrates are your thing, you'll love the FlowerPot with the Wrap-Around head. This setup is more suited to concentrate lovers as it allows you change your dish material to suit your tastes, and doesn't have the extra airflow compared the ShowerHead version.

Q. Can I convert my Flowerpot to the Showerhead?

A. If you have a 20mm coil, all you need is the Showerhead Nut, and Showerhead Top. The Showerhead does not work with 16mm coils.

Q. Why does the ShowerHead only work with 20mm coils?

A. The ShowerHead only works with 20mm coils as using 16mm coils limited how many holes we could add to the head and thus the experience wasn't the same.

Q. Do I need a carb cap?

A. We definitely recommend using a carb cap with concentrates always, but we've also discovered how vital this tool is for flower usage as well. Its fully possible to use either version of the FlowerPot with no carb cap, but you will definitely lose some control over the experience. Not only do they help ensure you're extracting every last bit of goodness from your concentrate

Q. What size coil is best for the Flowerpot?

A. The FlowerPot with Wrap-Around head can work with both 16mm & 20mm coils, but we recommend the 20mm. The ShowerHead version will only work with the 20mm coils. NewVape does not plan to make a ShowerHead version to accept a 16mm coil at this time.

Q. What is the best type of glass to use with the Flowerpot?

A. The FlowerPot system will work with any piece that accepts a male or female ground-glass type joint. The FlowerPot system adds about 3 inches to your connection, so while a HUGE variety of glass will accept the FlowerPot system, we have found that the taller the glass is, the better the overall user experience is.

Q. What type of glass connections does the FlowerPot work with?

A. 14/18mm Male or Female ground-glass style joints.

Q. I don’t have any glass, can I still use the Flowerpot?

A. We've seen people using the system without glass with great success, but we feel that using glass is the best experience possible.

Q. I already have an enail controller/PID. Can I use the FlowerPot?

A. If your enail controller/PID accepts the older style XLR connections. Please check your coil cable ends to ensure they are the same as what you need.

Q. Why do I need a Flowerpot Base?

A. The FlowerPot Base & Debowler Stand is the perfect solution to storing your hot enail head while not in use. The super-stable base not only keeps your hot enail head under control, it has de-bowling spike that allows you to clean your Body after use. The excess ABV is stored in the base until you transfer it to long-term storage for use in making edibles and the like!

Q. What type of titanium does the FlowerPot use?

A. We only use highest possible quality Grade 2, US-Melted, US-Made Titanium, Stainless Steel and aluminum. Our factory is FDA approved.

Q. Is the metal certified?

A. You betcha! Our materials ship with certification for your review.

Q. My Body is stuck in my glass. What can I do?

A. Metal will expand very slightly when heated, and this will occasionally cause the Body to get temporarily stuck on or in your glass. Wait a minute for the parts to cool, and try to remove the Body by pulling straight up. Do not rock back and forth or you could break your glass.Also its a great idea to keep that connection free of oils that might collect from usage. This will make it very difficult to remove your body.

Flowerpot History

newVape began machining grade 2 titanium domeless nails in 2011. Our engineering and machining is all done in our south Florida FDA certified CNC machining facility. Since newVape's conception, we've always tried to "one-up" our previous designs. The Flowerpot is an evolved 2nd generation enail system that has been designed for vaping flower and concentrates. Imagine bong rips without the smell or coughing... Imagine the flower actually tasting like it smells... In terms of dabbing on a enail, the Flowerpot offers no advantages over previous enails. So... what's a 2nd generation enail? The newVape Flowerpot has been designed from the ground up for vaping flower and / or concentrates (aka Twax) at the same time on the same rig at the same temperature. This is where the Flowerpot is different and unique. Some die-hard enail users might argue that vaping flower will soil the flavor of their glass rig. The solution for this concern is to keep the heat well below combustion temps. Just like concentrates, flowers are more favorable at lower temps.  I'm sure one day, one of your friends will light the flower in the bowl with his lighter and your glass and titanium parts will need to be cleaned in alcohol to re-establish the clean flavors (not the end of the world). We hope you get reconnected with flower and enjoy the pure clean vapor the flowerpot produces. Since the flowerpot's conception, our friends enjoy much less concentrate, and much more flower.. Oh yea, the previous vaped bud (PVB) from the flowerpot can be simmered in coconut oil and filtered with a coffee filter for making infused edibles. Get 2 uses from your flowers and don't forget to lockup the brownies. 

So we've been told there's an overwhelming number of parts that make up the newVape Flowerpot vaping system. Unlike other modern vaping systems the Flowerpot is designed to be completely configurable. The flowerpot is designed to interface with all glass rigs that use the standard male & female, 14mm & 18mm glass joints. Part of the fun of the Flowerpot is being able to shop and collect different glass rigs. Whether it's flower, concentrate, or both, our goal is to supply the mechanical and electrical parts for your glass. Go glass shopping and rest assured we will have the necessary parts to support your purchase. Every different glass rig is like having a brand new vape.   
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