Boveda 62% For Herbals - 8Gr

Boveda 62% For Herbals - 8Gr (9107)

Titanium Color Twisty Blunt (9149)

Titanium Color Twisty Blunt (9149)

Vaporizer Cleaning Kit (2964)

  • Embedded Pipe Cleaners
  • Dab Tool
  • Pax Reclaim Rod
  • Paper Clip Poker
  • Volcano Brush
  • MFLB Brush
  • Loading Tool
  • Nylon 360 Brush
  • Alcohol Bottle
  • Padded Carry Case
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You asked us to bring you a comprehensive cleaning kit, so we collaborted with The Vape Critic to make sure the kit was completely dialed in.  There's nothing you can't clean with this kit.  From reclaiming Pax goo to keeping your Mighty and Crafty up to peak operating condition.  Firefly need some love?  Bring it back to top shelf quality with NewVape's Vaporizer Cleaning Kit.   

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