Pax 1 Pink Silicone Cover

Pax 1 Silcone Cover

Custom Graphic 4 Piece Alum Grinder (9133)

Custom Graphic 4 Piece Alum Grinder (9133)

Velvet Hammer Atomizer White (9018)


- V2.5 Ceramic Donut Atomizer - Superb Flavor Transfer - Amazing Airflow - Large Loading Area - Instant Heating - Ceramic Housing Never Gets Hot - Imported - Part Number 9018

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We have searched long and hard to find the absolute best concentrate experience, and after many unsatisfying devices, we finally found exactly what we are looking for. The Velvet Hammer Atomizer has excellent flavor transfer, and airflow that is like taking a normal breath. This incredible little vape hits harder than anything we have tried, and is super easy to load with a wide and large oven. We think this setup is so far above and beyond anything that we have experienced, we are sure you will agree.


- V2.5 Ceramic Donut Atomizer
- Concentrate Tool

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