ShowerCap Assembly

LolliCap Assembly

LolliCap Assembly

Vrod Cap - 1 hole

Designed to restrict airflow on the dish for full vaporization and for maxumum Terp Pearl Spinning aid. 

  • 1 Angled Air Hole
  • Dabber Attaches Vertically or Horizontally
  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • Made In The USA
  • Works with all 28mm dishes
  • Cap only
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Vrod Carb Cap

The carb cap creates a chamber that intensifies the heat and pressure on the concentrate. Creating an ideal vaporization environment. Specifically designed to work with the Vrod. The FlowerPot Vrod carb cap has two smaller holes that aid in the restriction of airflow coming on to the dish for full vaporization and their angle creates a vortex that allow your terp balls to spin. 

Additionally, we have experienced great success in using the carb cap for flower only use.

Vrod Head and Diffuser

The Vrod is the heart of the FlowerPot system. Designed to work alongside the other parts to create the ultimate desktop vaporizer. Experience twax vaporization with our FlowerPot Bundle for everything you need or  Vrod Build a Bundle if you already own your favorite glass rig.

About FlowerPot Vrod Twax Vaporizer

The smoothest vapor you’ve ever experienced. Enjoy in oil and flower at the same time with the FP Vrod Twax Vaporizer. Providing maximum airflow and consistent heat, the FP Vrod Twax Vaporizer allows you to taste what you smell. While keeping your draws smooth and cough-free.

REV D Angled holes started shipping 11-5-18

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