FlowerPot Vrod Head Assembly

FlowerPot Vrod Head Assembly

FlowerPot ShovelHead Bowl Assembly

FlowerPot ShovelHead Bowl Assembly

WeedEater Head Assembly

  • Made for Flower-only vaping.  
  • 19 hole diffuser for maximum airflow
  • Fits Standard 20mm Coil
  • Grade 2 Titanium Made In The USA
  • Works with all glass and titanium Flowerpot Bowls
  • Includes the Nut and Diffuser only. Other itmes shown are for illustrations purposes and available for seperate purchase. 

*Requires 5 wrap Coil for snug fit. You may use a 4 wrap but it will be loose and will take longer to heat up. 

As low as $75.00

In stock

Customize WeedEater Head Assembly
1 x FlowerPot Weedeater Nut (3227)   + $25.00
1 x FlowerPot Weedeater 19 Hole Diffuser (3228)   + $50.00

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weedeater head assembly
WeedEater Head Assembly

In stock



    Weedeater Nut and Diffuser

    Already a FlowerPot owner? Upgrade your rig to the latest FlowerPot head—the Weedeater. The ultimate flower-only performer. We took everything we learned from previous generations and implemented it into a flower-only powerhouse. 19 Holes will feed hot air to the bowl and quickly and efficiently vape it to completion. It truly offers the ultimate flower-only vaping experience.

    The FlowerPot Weedeater is the heart of the FlowerPot system. Designed to work alongside the other parts to create the ultimate desktop vaporizer. Experience flower-only vaporization with our FlowerPot Bundle for everything you need or FlowerPot Starter Kit if you already own your favorite glass rig.

    About the FlowerPot Weedeater Vaporizer

    The smoothest vapor you’ve ever experienced. Enjoy flower with the FlowerPot Weedeater Flower Vaporizer. Providing maximum airflow and consistent heat, the FlowerPot Weedeater Flower Vaporizer allows you to taste what you smell. While keeping your draws smooth and cough-free.

    Weedeater Assembly

    Assembly has been greatly simplified, no dishes needed for this. Simply put a 20mm coil between the head and the diffuser and then screw them together. The Weedeater was designed to accomodate 20mm coils. If you own a non-NewVape coil, it will work as well because the Weedeater is NOT coil specific.

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