Whip Adapter - Female (2809)

Whip Adapter - Female (2809)

Whip Adapter - Male (2808)


Machined from 6061 Alum this adapter fits Glass Pipes that have either a 14mm or 18mm Female Connection Alum adapter and 24" of Black Silicone Hose 3/8 dia No glass rigs are included The Silicone hose is a synthetic rubber that’s more resilient than natural rubber, making it a popular choice for peristaltic (squeeze-action) pumps. Tubing won’t impart taste or odors and maintains its flexibility over time. Use with water, air, and food and beverage. Tubing is made from FDA-compliant resins. Material meets ASTM D2000. Tubing can be sterilized with steam (autoclaving) and radiation.

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Whip Adapter - Male 

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