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We feel the 3x5 size is this ideal for recreational flower & hash extraction. The 3x10 size is best for commercial. The bags, prepress molds, and plates have all been designed together to function as a system. Our underlying objective is to get the oil in the center of the bag and off the heated plate as quickly as possible. This has helped steer our designs toward the long and narrow bags. The plates have been designed with a 1/2" gap around the folded bag. The function of the prepress is to allow more material to be inserted into the single use mesh bags. It's been our determination that the 4 post cage / press structure is best for maintaining bag integrity during the squish. The quality and rigidity of the 4 post structure keeps the plates perfectly parallel which leads to increased yields. Our systems also uses 2 heaters per plate. Our patented BI metal stainless steel face plates aid in evenly distributing the heat across the squishing surface. It's been our experience that the aluminum plates have hot spots and get pitted over time.  Although you may feel that your current requirements don't warrant 20 tons. Please remember that it's better to have the extra power and not need it than need it and not have it. The rigidity of a structure designed to handle 20 tons will benefit in many ways.  Squishing Rosin is an amazing art / science and we are confident that these components will all meet your expectations for many years to come. NOW GO FIND SOME STICKY BUD AND GET SQUISHING.

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Times, Temps, and Mesh Sizes


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45-90 Seconds

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60-90 Seconds